Avengers Assemble! Well, that would be what you would think of the newly released Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon in the video after the break, which would be crucial if you were to see through the steps in the video above where Powerbook Medic took the liberty of disassembling the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite by their own accord, with each piece-by-piece teardown shown on video. The entire process does seem to be that simple in theory, where screws would be the main obstacles here.


In the video above, we get the impression that the trickiest part would be removing the bezel, which is held in place with glue. There are no in-depth analysis of the Kindle Paperwhite which has been torn apart, but rather, the good folks at Powebook Medic decided to piece everything together again. Unlike Humpty Dumpty who fell over the wall and had a great fall, it does not take too much to get everything up and running once again.

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