Our very own Eliane Fiolet is at the Asus Windows 8 event in New York City–yes, there are two technology events going on today–where Asus has just announced six–count them, six–new lines of Windows 8 PCs. We got some hands on time with the with a whole bunch of them: the Transformer Book, VivoTab, the AIO, and the Vivobook, but let’s take a look at the other devices announced today, which includes Asus’ flagship laptop, the Zenbook with touch.

The Asus Zenbook is an updated version of Asus’ previous flagship laptop. It comes with some impressive specs, including a default solid-state storage, NVIDIA graphics, and Intel Ivy Bridge processors. There are four different screen sizes, starting at 11-inches and going all the way up to a 15.6-inch model that features a 1080p screen. But the real winner is the U500VZ model, which somes with a full touchscreen. The panels on previous Zenbooks have looked great, and these should be no different: Zenbooks come with IPS screens. As befitting high-end laptops like the Zenbook, the keyboard will be backlit and it will have all the sundries you expect–dual band WiFi, USB 3.0 ports, and a large multi-touch trackpad.

We’ve seen Asus’ daring double-screened laptop the Taichi before, but it got an official announcement today, and boy, is it an interesting gadget. The main feature is a dual-display design–there are two different screens, one on the lid of the laptop, and one under it. Both IPS screens can be used simultaneously and independently (although probably not by the same person), so this isn’t a simple mirroring situation. Plus, the Taichi comes with a stylus, to take better advantage of that second touchscreen. The default configuration comes with a Core i5, but there’s an option to upgrade to a Core i7. The computers only come with SSD storage, so wake and boot times should be fast.

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