Cancer is such a common disease these days, striking just about every strata of society without any kind of prejudice. Good thing newer forms of treatment have been developed over the few years, but nothing quite beats early detection for the best treatment possible. First Warning Systems has come up with a smart sports bra that they call the Breast Tissue Screening Bra. Basically, this sports bra functions like a continuous monitoring system for breast cancer which First Warning Systems claim could be more effective compared to mammograms.

There will be a sensor in the bra itself that is sensitive enough to measure cell temperature changes which are associated with blood vessel growth, and these feed tumors. Pattern recognition software will get to work, processing such information in order to identify changes that might result in a developing tumor. So far, clinical trials that involve 650 women saw the smart bra detect the presence of tumors half a dozen years (!) before traditional imaging systems were able to, with an accuracy rate of 92.1%. The Breast Tissue Screening Bra should be commercialized in Europe from 2013 onwards, followed by the US the year after, depending on how fast regulatory approval is.

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