Do you believe that Ultrabooks have become the new standard of mobile computing (smartphones and tablets not withstanding)? Have you noticed an increased presence of Ultrabooks when you look around? Well according to market research firm, iSuppli, it seems that despite their rather upbeat predictions of PC makers shipping 22 million Ultrabooks earlier this year, the firm has since come forward and announced that they have made some changes to their predictions.

In fact iSuppli has slashed their predictions by half and expects that only 10.3 million Ultrabooks will ship by the end of the year, with the bulk of these shipments expected to take place in the last quarter of the year which is also when Microsoft will release Windows 8, suggesting that Ultrabook would-be customers are waiting on Windows 8 to ship with their Ultrabooks instead of buying now and upgrading later.

iSuppli however expects that in 2013, these shipments will pick up and they are estimated 44 million Ultrabooks to ship in 2013. Of course we don’t expect all PC manufacturers to provide iSuppli with their numbers so there is a chance that iSuppli’s figures might be a bit off. Either way we won’t read too much into it but what do you guys think? Will Windows 8 help boost Ultrabook shipments or based on your observations, are Ultrabooks thriving as it is?

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