Namco Bandai’s Pac-Man is a very iconic character and game, one that many gamers can identify simply by looking at it. However it seems that Namco Bandai has decided that it is high time that Pac-Man gets a makeover, possibly to keep it modern and stay with the times. The company has since reached out to its customers and fans of the game by asking them to choose between four different Pac-Man looks that they would prefer (pictured above). We wish that Namco Bandai offered users the choice for “Other” as none of these options look that appealing to be honest. Then again given the classic-status of Pac-Man, we guess it’s hard for us to imagine the game and its characters looking anything else. However if Nintendo could do it with Mario, we guess Namco Bandai could do the same as well. Either way if you’d like to vote for your favorite Pac-Man design, head on over to Namco Bandai’s Facebook page to make your selection! So, which of the four will you guys be choosing? Personally speaking, B would be my choice.

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