While it’s more or less confirmed that LG’s Nexus handset will be known as the Nexus 4, we have to wonder were there devices before it called the Nexus 1, 2 or 3? It has been deduced that Google has been naming their products according to its screen size, i.e. Nexus 7 and the rumored Nexus 10, suggesting that the Nexus 4 will sport a 4”+ display, which according to all the leaks has “confirmed” this. So if there were a Nexus 3, would that mean a 3” display? Perhaps it might just be a codename but a device by that name was recently discovered on John Mueller’s (a Google employee) Google+ page. A photo taken was uploaded and according to its EXIF data, it was taken by a device called the Nexus 3.

Of course there is always the possibility that the EXIF data could have been faked, but until it has been proven otherwise, it looks like there is another Nexus handset floating about out there. Admirably whoever made this device did a much better job compared to LG in keeping the leaks in check. If you recall, there were rumors not too long ago that there could be multiple Nexus handsets this year, so it is possible that the Nexus 3 might be one of them. In any case with Google’s Android event having been cancelled due to the weather, we guess we won’t be finding out today, but what do you guys think?

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