Do you remember the nonchalant manner in which Loki obtained an eyeball at a ball (sorry, I just could not resist that) in the Avengers? Well, biometric security measures are not exactly the newest kid on the block when it comes to data security, but there has been progress made in this department, with the latest kind of password involving you to look into a camera, and when the camera detects the right kind of eye movements, it will unlock the computer or device. In a nutshell, passwords of the future could very well be your eye movement, now how about that? It is also safer for your eyeball, since there is no need for a thieving mind to actually gouge out your eyeball as that would be pretty much as useful as using the Apple Maps app on your iPhone 5 to search for public transport schedules.

Just like fingerprints, folks move their eyes in different sequences, and it is theorized that no two people move their eyes around in the exact same manner. This has resulted in Texas State University-San Marcus computer scientist Oleg Komogortsev to work on this particular bit of information in order to create a system which identifies the way eyes flicker when viewing a computer – now that would end up as your password. It is said that at least three more years of work is required before one is able to even sniff out a working prototype of the device. Better late than never, I say.

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