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Recover Outlook Password: Getting Access Without Hacking
Followers of Buddhism are convinced that Gautama attained enlightenment while meditating underneath a sacred Ficus leaf for 49 days.

Android Apps Could See Password-Free Logins Soon
In this day and age, each of us with a digital personality might find life to be a whole lot convenient, but on the other hand, it can be pretty challenging as well. After all, we realize that there are way too many passwords for various accounts to remember, and some of these passwords will require a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters, in addition to special characters and numbers. […]

How To Create A Strong Password, Easy To Remember
Every week, you hear about another hack or Internet scam. Often, hackers have been able to force a user password. This article will help you understand what a strong password is, and what it means. You will then be able to pick a strong password that is easy to remember for you, but hard for others (or machines) to guess.

Worst Passwords List For 2015 Released
It has become a tradition over the past few years to have a worst passwords list for the previous year, SplashData has actually been doing it for five years now, and it seems that every year it’s exactly the same. The firm’s list was compiled by aggregating passwords from the nearly two million that were leaked online in 2015 to find out which are the most common and terrible passwords. […]


Android Lock Screen Could Fall To Massive Passwords
The lock screen of a modern day smartphone can be said to be the first layer of security. After all, smartphones are extremely personal devices, so ensuring that no Tom, Dick, or Harry are able to access it easily is of utmost importance. Apparently, handsets that are powered by the Android Lollipop mobile operating system are able to be unlocked through the entering of a very long password, which will […]

How To Find Your WiFi Password
Protecting your WiFi is extremely important, other people can use your bandwidth or even download illegal content (in some countries, you may be held responsible)! This is why, adding a strong password on your WiFi network is of utmost importance.However, adding a strong password on your WiFi also means you have to remember it and keep it safe somewhere. So, there is also a probability you may lose the password or […]

Major London Rail Station System Passwords Revealed In TV Documentary
Security in the digital world can be a particularly sticky subject – and regardless of what you hear, there is no 100% foolproof way of ensuring that a particular digital system is truly secure and failsafe. It simply does not work that way, although cracking some systems can be a really tough job, but not impossible. In one of the more recent events concerning security, it looks as though system […]

Passwords That You Should Avoid
When one was new to the Internet back in the days of a dial up connection, it was not too uncommon to have just a single e-mail account, and back then, remembering your password was a whole lot easier than today. Today, we have multiple accounts and passwords to remember, ranging from electronic banking to social networks, emails, and other kinds of online services. Using the same password across all […]

Eyelock Myris Review
Given the rate at which emails and passwords are being stolen or leaked, it is fair to say that Internet security is a problem that concerns every web user. The truth is that the login+password pair is not the greatest way to secure access to your information, but the reality is that the whole web is built around that security scheme. At the moment, no other very exotic form of […]

UK Police Wants New Phones To Feature Passwords
It looks as though the London Metropolitan Police (otherwise known as ‘the Met’) has the strong belief that every new smartphone that is sold in the UK ought to feature a password for security purposes. In fact, the Met looks as though they have been lobbying the government and device manufacturers, Apple and Samsung included, for the past couple of years so that this particular policy can be implemented. The […]

World Password Day: How Strong Is Your Password?
Today marks the celebration of World Password Day, and while we are on the topic on the first line of defense when it comes to your online accounts, perhaps it is a good time to remind us that we ought to go through our list of passwords and make the necessary changes just in case it is not strong enough at the moment. World Password Day was created by Intel […]

Police Password Lost For 8 Years In India
Police over in India did not manage to act on hundreds of corruption complaints in a time frame of up to 8 years, simply because there was one niggling issue that caused the inaction. Apparently, it was reported that the police themselves have no clue as to what the computer password is. This caused Delhi officers to be unable to operate a portal that actually carried more than 600 complaints, […]

Google Chrome Carries Danger Of Exposing User Passwords
Your personal information is definitely very precious to you, which is why you should take all the possible and necessary steps to prevent any kind of personal information from getting stolen or abused. Passwords are one sensitive area which we have had to talk about in recent memory, and unfortunately for those who use Google’s Chrome web browser, you run the danger of having your user passwords exposed, “courtesy” of […]

Passwords Of The Future Require You To Make A Funny Face
Think you've got a mean funny face that nobody else can replicate? Good, as that is what Google wants to use for future passwords.