Prexiso is a Swiss manufacturer of precision laser sights for surveyors and everyone else who needs to measure things finely and accurately. Now they’ve brough their technology to the iPhone, and also added app functionality. Their previous laser distance measuring tools were handheld, tiny LCD affairs aimed at professionals, but now they’ve made the tape measure look obsolete for consumers.

The new gadget is called the Prexiso iC4, and it plugs into the (now-antiquated) iOS 30-pin connector, and is so serious it requires AA batteries–it won’t drain your iPhone’s battery. Using a laser sight, it can do several things for handy-people, including measuring distances and volumes, identifying how much wallpaper is needed in a room, and optimizing rooms for home theatre use. All of these features were included in previous laser measuring tools, but with the iPhone and the new app, there’s a streamlined interface and increased ease of use. Also, when the tool plugs directly into the iPhone, it gives an opportunity for  creative uses of laser measuring through other apps.

The Prexiso will be available on November 5.

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