There is nothing quite like the tender touch of a loved one, especially when you are feeling particularly lonely and low at that point in your life. Well, perhaps the same kind of treatment can be extended to your clothes, and this was made possible thanks to the Tender touch sensitive garment which lights up whenever you touch it (but of course). Needless to say, all it takes is a tender touch to have this interactive illuminated garment light up, hence resulting in its name. What makes this particular garment pleasing to the eye? Well, the conductive surfaces were said to be beautifully knit and integrated into the garment, making it all look seamless.

The Tender is a project that saw shared development by the Textielmuseum Tilburg and designers Kristi Kuusk, Martijn ten Bhömer, and Paula Kassenaar. Needless to say, sending this to the laundry could prove far more tricky than your usual load of soiled clothes. You might want to warn your regular launderette owner beforehand though.

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