Gadgets aren’t everything: I learned that last night as I watched while hurricane Sandy batter NYC. The newest tablet computer seems unimportant when so many people are in significant danger. But the storm’s over now, and it’s back to technology!

While some people were hurt, a lot of people got out OK and things are slowly going back to normal. However, most of Lower Manhattan is still without power, and that means some people are getting desperate for a gadget charge. I present to you a unidentified New Yorker, generously offering his power strip to other desperate New Yorkers. Look at all those phones he’s charging! Sure, he might not be dragging people out of flooded cars, but to someone who needed to call their mother or husband or brother, he was a little bit of a hero today. It’s great to see people helping other people out, and more people should do this, especially as our gadgets become our life lines.

Photo by Jen Vandermeer.

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