We’ve all heard the term “bill shock” before, although for those who haven’t, it’s usually referred to the moment when one receives their phone bill and sees a price quoted at the bottom which was way more than they had expected. Bill shock usually results from exceeding data usage which is then charged per kilobyte (this depends on your carrier), or by placing too many international phone calls, or sometimes it’s merely the error of the telephone company themselves. This is pretty much what a customer in France experienced when she received a bill that was worth, get ready for it, 11,721,000,000,000,000 Euros!

How on earth did she manage to rack up that huge amount? Well according to the story, she wanted to opt out of her contract and was warned that there would be a penalty for doing so, although we doubt anyone could have expected that amount. As it turns out, there was some sort of printing error involved and after many persistent calls and what seemed to be rather unhelpful customer service, the customer managed to get her carrier to concede that this was a printing error and that the amount due was 117.21 Euros – phew!

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