Microsoft is proud to announce yet another milestone that they have just passed where their Xbox 360 console is concerned, touching the 70 million mark. This figure came about nearly 7 years after it was officially launched (which was way back in November 2005, making it the first of the current generation consoles to hit the market as the Sony PS3 came out only a year after that). The 70 million figure would thrust the Xbox 360 into the Top 10 best selling console of all time at number 8, edging out the Sony PS3 at 64 million, while being behind the Sony PSP at 74 million.

The Sony PS2 is sitting comfortably at the top of the pile, looking down from a height of 153.6 million units sold, using the Nintendo DS as its footstool. It was just early last year when Microsoft announced a 50 million unit sales, so over the course of nearly two years, you can say that a fair amount of Xbox 360 made the move from store shelf to living room. I guess the dark clouds of the red ring of death is now a thing of the past, no? Perhaps folks are snapping up more Xbox 360s in an attempt to join an intelligence agency?

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