Thanks to Dominic Matthews from Ninja Theory, we are now able to know more about the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry demo DLC, which is known as Vergil’s Downfall. Vergil’s Downfall will carry half a dozen brand new missions, where you will be placed in spanking new environments, and you will step into the shoes of Dante’s twin brother Vergil.


Vergil is his own man of course, carrying his very own unique combat system (if you know Vergil from the prior games, then you will be able to recognize some of his signature moves) as well as storyline which we do hope will be heavyweight enough to make the world lust after this game not only for its graphics, but gameplay and gripping story as well.

Not only that, a new game would be nothing if there were no new enemies where you can lay down the smackdown on, and it is nice to know there are new butts to kick as well as the ability to upgrade Vergil’s combat as you play. Once you have completed all the new missions, there will be a quartet of new difficulty modes to unlock – where among them include Son of Sparda and Vergil Must Die.

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