Not everyone is capable of being a Formula 1 driver for a very obvious reason – some might say that you need Jedi-like reflexes to drive one of these high powered machines, in addition to being super fit. There is also a very huge element of risk on the track, as accidents could happen at any time, and there is no guarantee that you are able to walk away from a crash or accident without any injury. For folks who want to play things on the safe side, here is the Formula 1 simulator that is manufactured by FMCG International, where it was specially designed to deliver an experience that is as authentic as possible – all the way down to the genuine F1 car tires and brakes.

Available in red, silver, or black, you might want to purchase some of your favorite Formula 1 team’s stickers and ensure the livery make the entire simulator even closer to the original. The thing it will not be able to simulate is the kind of heat that you have to withstand, suiting up to the nines while wearing a claustrophobic, high tech helmet. A trio of 23-inch flat displays will show where you’re headed, and a 5.1 surround sound system helps get the right audio cues out. A custom built high-end PC will handle all the processing needs. The entire shebang costs you $120,000 from Costco in the UK, and even so, it lacks the necessary hydraulics to make the ride an even more realistic one.

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