Google does seem set on augmenting their NFC-based Google Wallet payment system with an actual, physical card in the weeks to come. In fact, there are leaked images of the Google Wallet card appearing online, where it will be tied down to a user’s Google Wallet account, which will also replace any other credit cards that you have attached to a particular account. Apart from that, there are also rumors that Google intends to update their Google Wallet app so that iOS support is thrown into the mix, never mind that right now, no iPhone or iPads do come with NFC capability. You can read more into that rumor in our story that ran last month.

The image above is courtesy of Android Police, where it showed off the purported revised Google Wallet app. Android Police’s source claimed that the physical Google Wallet will function in the same way as that of a regular credit card, where it will be connected to the default card on a user’s Google Wallet account, although as a user, you can still use the app on your mobile devices while switching the card’s association to a different account. You can order the card straight from the app itself, and a confirmation email will be sent to make sure it has the correct address. Is this a new age for Google Wallet, and will it finally take off in a big, big way?

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