Intel has just announced its next-generation solid-state drive series for Big Data, Cloud, and other Data Center applications. Intel’s SSD DC S3700 series, as it is officially called, are designed to remove storage congestion while maximizing multi-core CPU performance. The new SSDs, which will be offered in 100GB, 200GB, 400GB, 800GB capacities, promises to deliver fast and consistent performance with low latencies, along with strong data protection and high endurance, to support today’s most demanding data center applications.

Intel says that the key to its performance lies in its tight distribution of Input/ Outputs Per Second (IOPS) with low maximum latencies. The drives will also provide apps with 4KB random read performance of up to 75,000 IOPS and 4KB write performance of up to 36,000 IOPS to ensure quick and consistent application response times. Additionally, Intel touts the new SSD series for its improved overall power consumption that reduces heat while lowering both energy and cooling costs.

Intel’s SSD DC S3700 solid-state drives will arrive in two form factors – a 2.5-inch in 100, 200, 400 and 800 gigabytes and a 1.8-inch in 200GB and 400GB capacities. Pricing for the 2.5-inch SSD DC S3700 series starts at $235 for the 100 GB model, $470 for the 200GB, $940 for the 400GB, and $1,880 for the 800GB variant. On the other hand, the pricing of the 1.8-inch series is set at $495 for the 200GB model and $965 for 400GB variant. General production is expected to commence later this year.

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