Talk about going green – USB flash drives that are not exactly the most environmentally friendly kind of devices to carry around, could potentially stumble upon a savior should the Indiegogo project of the Intellipaper take off successfully. Basically, Intellipaper intends to be a USB flash drive, where it carries a memory chip embedded within a sheet of paper. This not only further minimizes the overall dimensions, but is also foldable will be as thin as a sheet of card stock for that added touch of portability.

The Intellipaper will not come up short in terms of what a standard issue flash drive delivers, but you can also mail it as part of a postcard, now how about that? Since most of the drive itself (save for the memory chip) is made out of paper, our landfills need not have to worry about being filled up with toxic plastic once you are done with it. The Intellipaper Indiegogo project hopes to gather $300,000 in order to start production of the eponymous USB drive. [Project Page]

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