We’ve seen smart lights before where they can be controlled via our mobile devices at home, letting us adjust its brightness, turn them on or off and put them on a schedule. Well it looks like the use of smart lights will be implemented on a larger scale where they will see an installation in Central London. It has been reported that the Westminster Council will be replacing 14,000 of its street lights with smart lights over the next four years. It seems that these smart lights will be helping them save £420,000 a year in terms of maintenance and electricity bills, although the initial cost will set them back £3.25 million. As expected of these smart lights, they can be controlled via iPads, letting engineers adjust the brightness of these lights which in turn will help with efficiency which will lead to energy saving. We can only assume that with such savings, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing more cities around the world adopt these smart street lights.

[Image credit – HenryLawford]

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