Now here is an interesting bit of trivia that you might be interested to know, assuming you are a buff for fantastic and quirky facts. Do you know that with just 160GB of storage space, you are able to store away a digitized copy of every single issue of National Geographic? Yes sir, the 160GB hard drive will not only hold every single article ever published in National Geographic, but it will also have room for all the advertisements printed to date, in addition to amassing thousands of photographs – all of them hailing all the way back from 1888 to 2009.


Needless to say, the 160GB hard drive will also feature a bunch of extras, including a bonus DVD that carries with tips on shooting lovelier photos, a behind-the-scenes look at just how each copy of National Geographic is created from the start to the end, as well as exclusive interviews with personalities that National Geographic thought would be interesting. You can more or less say that you are traveling through a time capsule when you read those old school articles from 1888 onwards, which come to think of it, dates back two centuries!

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