It was just last week when we talked about Nokia HERE maps making its way to the iPhone platform in due time, and fast forward to today, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer has just announced the availability of the HERE maps app for iOS – which means that Apple’s App Store has approved of it. This free app will allow iPhone owners to access Nokia’s new cloud-based map service, and it is not iOS exclusive since it will also be available on other mobile operating systems as well.


If you are an iPhone user, do you think that Nokia HERE maps will be powerful and sufficient enough to help you ditch Google Maps? I guess there are some niggling issues with Nokia HERE maps for iOS, especially when it comes to “understanding” the context, as for example, typing an address without a space between E and 25th (E25th St), no results appear, but put in the space and magic happens. At least you do not end up on a different continent from where you are. Other features include voice-guided directions, as well as views such as map, satellite, public transport, and live traffic. Just make sure your iOS is running on version 4.3 or higher to take advantage of Nokia HERE maps.

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