Mistakes are inevitable. They are forgivable too, but only if one has the courage to admit them. But a retailer in Australia seems to be taking a different approach. Australian-based retailer Harvey Norman accidentally listed the pricing of the Nokia 920 as worth AUD $699 while the less-speccy Lumia 820 was priced a hundred dollars even more – AUD $799. Now, most businesses who face a similar dilemma will usually release an official statement to its customers apologizing for the mistake. Others will even consider adding a free accessory to make it up.

But, as reported by WPDownUnder, the giant retailer opted instead to honor all pre-orders the have been placed already by its customers. Simply put, Harvey Norman decided to allow the AUD $699 pricing for the Lumia 920 and $799 for the 820, at least for those who pre-ordered them. The retailer, however, reverted the current existing pricing of the two phones. Sorry folks, the mistake has been corrected. Had we known about it earlier, we would have pre-ordered immediately.

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