Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology were able to develop a palm sized dragonfly robot that can fly and hover like its real arthropod counterpart. Designed for aerial photography, advanced gaming, and security, the project began with a $1,000,000 grant from the US Air Force. The researchers said that it chose the dragonfly because these insects can perform aggressive feats of flight and that they are at the top of their food chain. These predators in the sky are indeed the perfect models for a spy drone.

The TechJet Dragonfly, as it is called, is Wi-Fi enabled and is equipped with more than 20 sensors. Users can control it with a smartphone or a computer, thanks to apps that will be available on Google Play and the App Store. It features aerodynamic wings, a patented 4-wing mechanism, brushless motors, and a Lithium Polymer battery. If you’re interested, the robot dragonfly has just launched on Indiegogo, where you can get the whole package for just $99. The team is also offering a stronger and faster dragonfly robot for $179 and a multi-color swarm pack for $799. You can learn more about the TechJet Dragonfly here.

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