Earlier in the week, we caught what seemed like a render of the Sony C650X Odin, and thought that it was the real deal, or at least a concept of what it would look like if it were to be fleshed out. For starters, the render that you see above hails from the folks over at Concept-Phones, and as the name as well as the website obviously suggests, it is but a concept only.

As to how the Sony C650X Odin association was attached to the render, well, this was because the person behind the render’s submission was done by someone who prefers to be simply known as ‘Jsus’, who incidentally is the very same person who came up with the live model of the previous Odin concept. I guess because of that, most folks attributed this to the upcoming C650X Odin, but what we have to say is this, it does look like a very decent render, although it could have even be more realistic like another Sony device, fingerprints and all, which was actually a hoax done by another person who wanted to see how far a hoax on the Internet could go.

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