Let’s face the facts – death and taxes are the only certainties in life, and one of the routes to dying would be to grow old. The thing is, plenty of people want to look as young as possible, and if there ever was a fountain of youth somewhere, you would know that the whole world would go to war just to control that. Since there are no Lazarus Pits in the real world, we would have to rely on scientists to get the job done for us – or at least, they try to. Scientists at the University of Michigan (U-M) discovered a possible way to slow the decline of aging tissue. Just what kind of miracle have they stumbled upon?

Basically, the focus is not on the cells, but rather, on the stuff surrounding said cells. Adding more filler to the fiber-filled area around the cells allowed the scientists to make the skin cells of senior citizens work as though they were far younger. The main objective of this research is to have a better understanding on how cells work, which should lead to additional discoveries that concern the better prevention and treatment of damaged skin cells.

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