E-tailer Expansys is quick to the draw with HTC’s latest flagship smartphone, the HTC Butterfly being made available for your pre-order whim and fancy. The HTC Butterfly is also known to be the global variant of the HTC Droid DNA (on Verizon Wireless) or the HTC J Butterfly in Japan. Assuming you access Expansys’ UK page or a different European version (in other words, just about any other regional website save for America), you can look up the HTC Butterfly for a pre-order.

Too bad this is all that is known as at press time, since there has been no other mention concerning pricing and availability. Apart from that, it remains to be seen whether the pre-order in regions outside of Europe would mean you would be getting an imported model or not. So far, the hardware specifications on the HTC Butterfly do seem to match those which have been published by HTC on its website, where among them include the radio frequency bands and a microSD memory card slot.

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