htc butterfly 2According to the leaked specs of the HTC One M9, the handset appears to be coming with a 5-inch Full HD display. Now we did express our disappointment at the Full HD resolution given that more flagship smartphones have started to include 2K displays, but as some of you guys have pointed out, not many would be able to tell the difference, plus it would also be a bit of a battery saver too.

Fair enough, but what about those who want a 2K display? Does HTC have anything in store for them? As it turns out there could be such a device in the works. A recent tweet by @upleaks has revealed that the upcoming HTC Butterfly 3 will come with a slightly larger display at 5.2-inches and will also pack a WQHD resolution to top it off.

The HTC Butterfly 3 would presumably be the successor to last year’s HTC Butterfly 2. The handset was initially launched in Japan and it featured similar specs to the HTC One M8, the main difference being that the handset was aimed at the Japanese market and it came with a plastic body instead of the metal body of the One M8.

Now we’re not sure if HTC will be continuing the trend of limiting their Butterfly handsets to the Japanese market, but if they are, then we guess those of you who want a 2K display on a HTC-made handset will be out of luck. The full specs of the rumored Butterfly 3 remain unknown, but do check back with us in the coming weeks/months for additional details if there are any to be had.

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