LG Electronics could be looking to reinvent themselves (in a good way, of course), by taking the necessary steps to be a major fabless chipmaker. One of the fastest ways to do so is to begin by hiring additional qualified chip designers while giving more authority to related divisions. It is said that LG has started to beef up their fabless semiconductor manufacturing so that they can be a powerhouse in core technologies. Right now, we do know that the combined number of LG’s chip designers for use in smartphones and Web-connected televisions have passed the 900 mark. No idea on just how soon will LG Electronics be able to duke it out with the big boys though, competing with other major fabless chipmakers like Broadcom.

One ought to take note that LG has already started to make use of LG-branded system chips in its future Web-enabled TVs to run on the premium sets, and that is saying something – including the kind of faith that they have to make sure that whatever rolls off LG’s production lines will not be gimped in any way. Not only that, there are whispers that LG’s first attempts will make its debut at CES 2013 – now how about that? [Press Release]

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