Ever since the Nintendo Wii U was launched, it has seen its fair share of testing, having its bits poked at, only for the world to realize that this is no powerful machine underneath the hood – not having too much more firepower compared to current generation hardware – in terms of its processor, anyways. Well, the folks over at Digital Foundry did manage to uncover something about the Wii U which would keep the missus (and your accountant) happy – the Wii U apparently consumes just half the amount of juice that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 do, so where performance per watt is concerned, the Nintendo Wii U is clearly right ahead of the pack.


Tests have shown that playing FIFA 13 on Wii U sips 32W of power, while a PS3 will require 66W, and an Xbox 360 is not too different with a 67W power requirement. This is made possible thanks to the Wii U’s processor that runs at a mere 1.23GHz, which is under 50% of what the competition’s clock speeds are. Still, the Wii U is more than capable of holding its own against other consoles where CPU performance is concerned.

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