19-year old Hannah Sabata of Stromsburg, Nebraska was arrested by authorities on Wednesday last week after proudly confessing on YouTube that she stole a car and robbed a bank just recently. York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff says that Sabata is now in custody for charges of robbing the Waco bank and stealing a Pontiac Grand Am in York. In the video, Sabata admits that she stole a car, while proudly showing the car keys. She writes, “The shiny new car is a Pontiac Gram Am. Of course I already took the license off and threw them out.”

Sabata also admits that she robbed a bank with a gun, a pillow case, and a note, while flashing the $6,256 that she allegedly took. She even confesses that she told her mom that she just had the best of day of her life. “She just thinks I met a new boy,” she added. Explaining the reason for her actions, Sabata claims that she is a victim of the government, saying that the whole system is just a game, and that the government stole her baby. In spite of everything, Sabata says that she can still find purpose – in jail that is. At least, she will have enough time to re-think her life and to make amends for good.

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