We love casemods, there’s just something about it that takes the relatively mundane and turns it into a piece of art, making a humble device project the image that it has the capability of doing so much more. If you’re a fan of casemods or Marvel’s Captain America, you might be interested in taking a look at this Captain America-inspired Xbox 360 mod. This mod was put together by Zachariah Cruse and as you can see above, it takes after the colors of Captain America, features a mounted shield on one side, and wings on the other side which is reminiscent of the ones on Captain America’s mask. It has also been modified to feature a blue LED light. Unfortunately it does not appear to be for sale, but if you’re interested in having something similarly done for your console, Cruse has offered his services so just head on over to his website for the rest of the photos, or hit him up via his email to have your console modded as well.

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