There is nothing quite like starting off the year on a clean slate, where everything is spanking new, so why not make sure your home’s windows too, are up to snuff? If you live on landed property, that should not be an issue, but for folks living in high rise buildings and the maintenance crew aren’t doing their jobs very well to keep your windows squeaky clean, here is good news for you – the Winbot window cleaning robot (yeah, isn’t the name super obvious) will be out from next year onwards, thanks to China-based Ecovacs.

Winbot functions like any other cleaning bots, where it will first maps out the scale of the surface that it needs to clean, followed by programming a path to track. The Winbot will rely on suction power instead of magnets in previous models, generating a mere 55 decibels of noise when “working”, and it can hold up to 37 pounds (17 kg). You can also attach a safety pod to the window just in case the Winbot loses suction. Any takers?

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