When the Nintendo Wii was first released to the world, it was met with skepticism – at least until the world realized that motion based gaming ain’t half bad after all. Heck, it could actually be fun, when you think about it. Well, students Christiaan Ribbens and Patrick Kersten from Utrecht School of the Arts, has come up with this unique design that they have dubbed “Woven”, being a near-future exploration on how wearables could be turned into a viable gaming platform.

The Woven wearable gaming platform will rely on Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone which in turn, will run an app that enables it to control not only the sensors but display as well. What are some of the hardware goodies incorporated into Woven? Well, we are looking at speakers, haptics (motors) and the 144 RGB LED display that function as the primary feedback mechanism for the gaming garment. Apart from that, bend sensors and a heart rate sensor has also been thrown into the mix, and it all seemed to work pretty well when demonstrated on the self-developed “Spooky” ghost hunting and busting game.

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