There are some demons that you do not mind facing, while others – well, others would do better not to surface from your inner self. DmC Devil May Cry has finally arrived for the PS3, where you can opt to pick it up from a store if you are the old school type, or perform a download from the PSN (PlayStation Network) in a day-and-date digital release.


There will be new additions made to the gameplay to keep things fresh, including Demon and Angel powers, where these will enable (and require) Dante to switch fluidly between separate sets of abilities and weapons. Needless to say, the Demon side will deliver heavy-hitting albeit slower attacks, while the Angel side is more agile and deals justice swiftly, although at far lower damage levels. Apart from that, Dante must’ve been inspired by Cirque du Soleil to now use grappling chains in order to propel himself, enemies, and other objects between two points. Will you be picking this title up?

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