Well, well, gamers, what do we have here? Apparently, the Elder Scrolls Online Beta is now up and running live – signups, at the very least. This could very well prove to be the Skyrim MMO that folks have waited for all this while, or could it be that the Elder Scrolls Online experience will be something radically different altogether? There is only one way to figure it out, and that is done by finding out for yourself, of course.

Basically, the floodgates have been opened for the masses to sign up for Elder Scrolls Online Beta, but unfortunately for us, there has been no word whatsoever as to when this particular beta will go live, apart from the short excerpt that both “timing and details of the start of the playtests will be provided at a later date to those who register.” Well, you know what they say, good things come to those who wait, and since you have already waited for a long time, what is a little while more (hopefully)? We do know, however, that Elder Scrolls Online has targeted a 2013 release on both the PC and Mac platforms.

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