Every year that passes, we hear of tablet sales getting closer and closer to computer sales as analysts have been speculating for some time now one day, the world will go tablet-crazy and prefer them to computers. Before you take that bit of info to heart and decide to proclaim your love for your computer, you may want to hear what the NPD has to report today.

According to NPD, this year seems to be on track to be the year where tablet shipments will overtake notebooks. In total, NPD is estimating tablet shipments to reach over 240 million units worldwide while notebooks are projected to reach 207 million shipments this year.

A few weeks ago, we published a report by analytics firm Flurry that saw Christmas Day 2012 being a record-breaking day for Tablet and Smartphone activations with a 332 percent increase compared to the average amount of activations between December 1 and December 20. Judging by that report, it looks as though today’s news may not be so far fetched.

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