If you are a frequent user of PayPal, did you notice whether the online payment system did suffer from its fair share of glitches and outage today? I know that I just performed a transaction earlier this morning without any issues, and perhaps I was lucky, but there were a fair number of users who reported running into a brick wall with PayPal, and the company themselves did the right thing by acknowledging such issues on Twitter.

The UK Twitter feed of Paypal mentioned, “We’ve been made aware of site issues today & are working to get this resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience. Will update asap. Tks, MW”. Other than an outage, PayPal users did also send in their fair share of grouses concerning delays in payment processing and transactions, resulting in some users actually performing multiple payments for the same item – a nightmare for those who are averse to performing online transactions. Well, I am quite sure that things will work out eventually in the end, and hopefully all will be fine and dandy with PayPal.

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