What you see above could very well be the upcoming Sony C530X, where it is also known by a gamut of other model numbers such as the C5302, C5303, and C5306. As for those who prefer a more clandestine approach, perhaps its code name of HuaShan might do the Sony C530X more justice. What you see above is widely believed to be a leaked image of the Sony C530X Huashan which will boast of LTE connectivity, where it was spotted on the forum at German site USP-Forum.de. Apparently, this image was left by an anonymous user, so the bread crumb trail ends right there.

What do you think of the image which you have seen so far? It sure as heck looks legit, although we cannot rule out the possibility that someone who is very good with a photo or image editing software might have had too much time on their hands, churning out a mock photo of the Sony C530X along the way. The About screen allegedly shows off the Sony C530X being powered by the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system, sporting firmware version 12.0.A.0.298 and the 3.4 kernel.

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