We reported last year that by the end of 2012, the Sony PlayStation 2 would have stopped shipping to Japanese retailers. Since there was no mention of retailers around the world, we assumed that eventually Sony would stop shipping the aged console to them as well, and it looks like we were right. Sony has confirmed to The Guardian that after 12 years and with 150 million units sold worldwide, the company would finally cease shipping of the PlayStation 2 consoles to retailers around the world. With a library of 10,000 titles in 2011, the PlayStation 2 has no doubt made its mark on the world and will probably go down in console history of one of the more successful consoles to date. Plus the fact that it came with a DVD gave gamers an added incentive to purchase it since they could then hook it up and watch movies with it as well, a feature which was replicated with Blu-ray on the Sony PlayStation 3.

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