Wondering what Sony might have in store for us this year? Some say that the company could be launching their PlayStation 4 console, while others might be more interested in Sony’s mobile Android devices. Whatever the case is, it looks like Sony has released a teaser video that has simply been titled, “#PlayStation2013”, with the end of the video revealing a date for the 20th of February. Some have speculated that due to the title and the heavy emphasis of PlayStation in the video that Sony could be unveiling the PlayStation 4 on that date. However it should be noted that the 20th of February falls pretty close to MWC 2013 so it is possible that the company will probably be unveiling something MWC related, such as news regarding PlayStation Certification for Android devices, or for all we know maybe a next-gen Xperia Play (pure speculation here, don’t read too much into it!). Of course there is the possibility that we could be wrong, but either way check back with us on the 20th of February if you’d like to know what Sony has in store for us!

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