PlayStation 3We’re sure that many gamers out there remember that back in 2011, Sony’s PSN got hacked which sparked fear and panic amongst many who were worried that sensitive information, such as personal data, passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers would be leaked to the public or abused by the hackers. At that time Sony downplayed the attacks, claiming that the data was protected both digitally and physically. Regardless many customers weren’t too happy about the attacks and acting on behalf of Sony’s UK customers are the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who found that Sony was responsible were somewhat at fault for not keeping their network up to date, and who did not employ best-practice procedures.

As a result Sony UK has been slapped with a whopping fine of £250,000 who is apparently half of the maximum amount that can be fined under the legislation. Naturally Sony isn’t too happy about this and has since released a statement to MCV claiming that they would be appealing the fine, claiming that they do not agree with the ICO’s findings especially since the ICO recognized Sony as being a victim, and that there was no evidence of payment card details being accessed. What do you guys make of this? Do you think it’s fair that that Sony get slapped with this fine despite them being a target of the attack in the first place, or do you think that it’s fair since Sony had a responsibility to its users to begin with?

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