Fiscal cliff or not, every cent counts, even more so when you are a student who lives on a meagre allowance as you scrape through classes wondering if there is enough money for your textbooks and course next semester. Well, Amazon knows the harsh reality of life, and intend to cut students some slack this January 2013 by offering their new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 at a $50 discount, meaning the cheapest ad-supported 16GB model would cost you $249 a pop, while the 4G LTE version will start from $449 onwards.

This move does not come across as a surprise from Amazon, considering how the online retail giant has already cleverly integrated its range of devices, services, and media content. For starters, those who pick up the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 would have gotten themselves into the Amazon media content and Prime ecosystem, hoping that they would remain as customers within the ecosystem for life. Not only that, Amazon also will give away a free half year subscription to Prime to sweeten the deal for fence sitters.

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