You may have seen that we covered a “Future of PlayStation” tweet+video from Sony earlier tonight. The date appeared conveniently close to Mobile World Congress (we’ll be there!), so we were dubious that this would be the actual launch of the PlayStation 4 (or Next PlayStation, if you prefer).

In any case, the Wall Street Journal says that Sony will indeed announce the next PlayStation on February 20th, and that the new console would be available by year’s end (supposedly November at the latest). It is surprising that Sony would potentially stall the sales of one of its profitable business for 10 months, but that’s what WSJ believes.

Don’t forget that Sony’s CEO said that the next PlayStation would come out after the next Xbox, but again, we doubt that Microsoft told Sony when the next Xbox would will out, and it could have been a ruse all along. If you remember the initial launch of the PS3, Sony was hurt by arriving to market one year after Xbox 360, so maybe the company does not want to see that ever again. I’ve re-included the video teaser in the full post – try to find any hidden clues if you want. The question is: do you believe WSJ (link: subscription required)?

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