On Tuesday, Apple announced that hackers had recently infected some Macintosh computers of Apple employees.  There was no evidence of any data theft and it was reported that Apple is working on a software tool, to identify and repair infected Macintosh computers, which is due to release later today.The infected systems within Apple have been identified and separated from the internal network.

Unknown hackers exploited a bug in Oracle’s Java software, which was used as a plug-in on web browsers. The same malware was used to attack Facebook previously. The latest attack was made not only on Apple, but on other companies as well, including defence contractors, using the same malware.

Apple computers were for the longest times thought to be the safest in the industry, although it was pointed out several times that this was not because the OS was unbreakable. Rather it seems that hackers had not given a lot of attention towards Apple systems, as the majority of computers were running Microsoft Windows, which has had a number of vulnerabilities exploited worldwide. Perhaps as Apple has now gained a bigger market share over Microsoft, more hackers are focusing their attentions on Apple products.

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