Many explorers over the centuries have been on the lookout and search for the mythical fountain of life, but so far, nobody have managed to find it – simply because it most probably doesn’t exist. Kings of the far east have been on the search for the elixir of life too, but to no avail. Everyone dies, let’s face it, but if there is one thing that would go a long way in making sure we’re healthy, it would be getting adequate amounts of clean water into our system daily. Now, we all know that the desert is not the place to look for fresh supplies of water, which makes it a very precious commodity.

At the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) that is located in Lima, Peru, it seems that engineers managed to figure out a method of delivering potable water to thousands of thirsty residents staying there. The area’s high humidity will enable a billboard to “capture the air”, followed by transforming it into water via a reverse osmosis filter, resulting in ready to drink water, now how about that? In just three months, this life giving billboard has managed to generate around 2,496 gallons of water, now how about that?

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