We’re sure that everyone has played some sort of simulator in their life, whether it be The Sims, the original Sim City back in the day, Sim Tower (or Tiny Tower ever), and etc. While they are pretty fun games in their own right, have you ever played a hotel sim? If you haven’t, or thought that maybe that sounds like a great idea, it seems that at some point in time, the Hilton group of hotels thought that it would be a good idea if they could create some sort of training program for their employees, except turn it into a video game. However this is not just some random, hastily thrown together video game. Nope. This is actually a PSP game outsourced to a studio, who actually went through the effort to become a licensed PSP developer just so the game could get certified as well as fabricated as a UMD disk!

So basically what we are looking at is actually a valid and very real PSP game, albeit extremely limited because according to RerezTV, only 500 copies were actually made, and in order to run the game, it would require a PSP with a MemoryStick with the necessarily files to play it. As it turns out, RerezTV visited the closest Hilton Garden Hotel and found such a device and managed to play the game which they go through in the video above. As for the game itself, it’s pretty predictable and you play several different roles within a hotel, such as working housekeeping, front desk, F&B, and etc., and you will get scored based on how well you perform. So if you were looking for one of the rarest Sony-licensed games ever created, we think we will have to agree with RerezTV when they say that this could be it.

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