One of the new game announcements that impressed us the most during last night’s PlayStation 4 event was Guerrilla Games’ next Killzone title, Killzone: Shadow Fall. We’ve been fans of the Killzone series and the demo live demo last night probably couldn’t be appreciated by most people since we know the live stream probably didn’t offer the best quality possible.

Trust us when we say that in person, the Killzone: Shadow Fall demo looked amazing. As we said in our PlayStation 4 event wrap-up, the amount of detail that was shown in the game was truly jaw dropping. That’s why we thought you should check out the live demo for yourself without the constraints of last night’s Ustream video stream.

When you watch the video above, be sure to watch it as an HD video as you’ll be able to appreciate all of the finer details much better. If this is a glimpse into what next-gen video games will look like, then we’d gladly wait in line with our fists full of cash to partake.

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