Do you like what you see in the Blackberry Z10 (check out our review here)? If you do, you might be interested to learn that not only will the Z10 be available in either black or white, but for developers who submitted apps in time for the Blackberry 10 launch, they will be entitled to purchase a limited edition Blackberry Z10 in red! This was revealed by Blackberry’s VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, during the Blackberry Jam Europe 2013. Apart from its new coat of (red) paint, the rest of the internals will remain the same, but it will also come with an engraved serial number so you can show off just how limited edition it is. Like we said, this is available exclusively to developers, but we expect that some developers will be enterprising enough to put their devices on websites like eBay or Craigslist where they will certainly fetch for more than one might pay for a regular Blackberry Z10 in the shops.

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