It was a couple of days ago since Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4, and we’re sure that there are many gamers out there who are excited about getting their hands on the console, perhaps firing up a couple of multiplayer games. Now the bad news is that if you were hoping to save money by reusing your PlayStation 3 controllers with the PlayStation 4 rather than buying brand new DualShock 4 controllers, you’re out of luck. In a roundtable discussion held yesterday, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios revealed that PS3 controllers will not be compatible with the PS4.

This is rather odd considering that the DualShock 4 controllers aren’t a radical departure from the DualShock 3. Granted there is a touchpad embedded along with a motion sensor similar to the Move, the layout appears to be more or less similar, and it would have been reasonable to expect that games that do not require the touchpad or the motion controller would support the DualShock 3 controller. In any case if you were hoping to play multiplayer games on the same console, it looks like you got to start saving up for brand new controllers.

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