While schools do teach computer skills as part of their classes, depending on the curriculum it will vary from basic use of productivity suites such as Microsoft Office, to slightly more rudimentary programming language, but that’s only if you have taken computer classes as one of your class choices. I remember back in the day when I chose computer classes as one of my picks back in high school, and we were taught Microsoft’s Visual Basic. However it was only because I chose the class that we were taught programming, but with the rapid advancement of technology these days, wouldn’t it be a good idea if all kids were required to learn some form of programming language?

US President Barack Obama seems to think it’s a great idea in his recent Google+ Hangout where he answered the question as to whether he thought the idea of kids learning basic programming language in schools should be made a requirement. “I think it makes sense, I really do … I want to make sure that (young people) know how to produce stuff using computers and not just consume stuff.” He then went on to state that by giving students an education in these matters at a relatively young age, they can build up their foundation and pursue a career without having to spend money and time on a four-year degree in college. Sounds like a great idea! What do you guys think? Would you like your kids to be required to learn basic programming language as part of their high school curriculum?

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